Amstel Malta Unveils Mohameed Ali

Tvc in Nigeria

Amstel Malta Unveils Mohameed Ali Tvc in Nigeria

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Amstel Malta, the premium, low sugar formulated malt drink with international heritage in February,2010 unveiled to Nigerians, a new television commercial featuring the Legendary International boxing Champion, Muhammad Ali.

The TVC was shot in the70s after the legendary boxer’s most historic fight in Africa against George Foreman showcases a synergy between what Amstel Malta Stands for i.e. being the best you can be and the greatest boxing champion of all time-Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jnr. is the greatest heavyweight boxing champion of all time. In his prime boxing years, he testified to his association with the Amstel Malta brand and stated “Muhammad Ali and Amstel Malta.. We are champions of the world”.

Amstel Malta is particularly proud of this commercial, shot during the peak of Ali’s boxing career and the brand unveiled this great testimonial commercial now, having obtained permission to do so from Amstel International. Ali was the first boxer to win the lineal heavyweight championship which is a national world championship title; it is only contested for by a select league of boxers at a time in their career when they are acclaimed as the best in the class. Ali is known as the people’s champion and is especially in Africa as his most historic fight.

In 1999, Ali was crowned sportsman of the year by Sports illustrated (a leading American Sports magazine) and Sportsman of the century by BBC. Amstel Malta is the premium low sugar malt drink with rich Amstel international heritage and it comes packed with refreshment and energy for that youthful person who lives an active lifestyle and needs to replenish lost energy to look and feel good.

Amstel Malta Brand continues to refresh its consumers throughout Nigeria and is today still the fastest growing malt drink in the country.